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Opening hours and tickets

Tickets are sold at the tivoli info ticketing point and can also be bought in advance from the online ticket store. The tickets bought from the online store are given out in the info ticketing point at the tivoli. Make sure to take the email delivered with your order with you, either in print or on your smartphone. Ticket sales opens shortly before the opening of the tivoli and closes 10 minutes before the closing of the tivoli.

Sometimes you need to continue the fun even next day! In this case, you should take advantage of our Day 2 bracelet. You can buy the second day bracelet at an inexpensive price of 24 € in the tivoli’s info ticketing sales by showing last day’s bracelet. And that’s how the entertainment can continue folks! Please note that the previous day’s wristband must be intact on your wrist (the product is personal and specific for one tour location only)!

Tivoli Sariola reserves the right to change the tour program, product range and opening hours.

Opening hours

Weekdays 16-20 or 17-21*
Saturdays 12-18/19/20
Sundays 12-18

*Please check the specific opening hours in the Tour section.

Tivoli Sariola reserves the right to change the opening hours.


Serial ticket package

The serial ticket package contains 10 tickets that can be used for rides or games.

42 €

Day Bracelet

With the day bracelet you can have fun in the tivoli rides the whole day. The bracelet is personal and valid only for one day.

35 €

Family package

Includes two day bracelets and one serial ticket package. The bracelets are valid for one day. Serial tickets can be used whenever.

99 €

Friend Combo

Includes two day bracelets, two game tickets and surprise tivoli gifts for two. The whole combo must be redeemed during the same day.

77 €

Single ticket

Authorizes to have one ride on chosen ride or to play one game. Single tickets cannot be bought in the web shop.

6 €

Tsigaboom! Day Bracelet

Now on pre-sale, Tivoli Sariola’s Day Bracelet for the biggest event of the turn of the year. Tsigaboom, organized at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre, Messukeskus. 29.12.2023 – 7.1.2024. Tickets on sale for a limited time.

34 €

Tickets can be purchased with cash, bank cards and most credit cards. Visa Electron is also available as means of payment.

Tickets are sold separately for each city/tour point.

Tickets are redeemed from the tivoli info-ticketing point with the receipt/order certificate.