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Our values

Our values

These principles guide all our activities


At Tivoli Sariola, safety is one of the key issues guiding operations. This includes everything from law enforcement and first aid skills to equipment inspections, maintenance, and documentation and hygiene practices. In addition to strict self-monitoring, we work closely with various professionals, trainers, authorities and other players in our field. Guiding customers to follow the instructions is also an important part of increasing safety. However, fun and safety are not mutually exclusive: when we are careful, everyone can spend time at Tivoli Sariola with ease.


At Tivoli Sariola, we work together, helping and supporting each other. Not only is Tivoli Sariola a workplace, it is also a home, a family and a small village where everyday life is shared. For us, community means equality, equality and respect for others. Our community extends from internal interactions to customer encounters and also to the Tivoli’s diverse operating environments. When we are happy together, the customers get a good experience at the Tivoli and interactions are easy and pleasant.

Customer focus

Tivoli Sariola’s operations are built around customers. Every customer, whether an individual or a company, has their own needs. Service design lies at the heart of our operation and ensures business continuity. We strive to understand and get to know our customers so well that we can ensure a high-quality and individual customer experience and even anticipate customers’ future needs. Customer focus also guides us to continuous development.


Responsibility is about how the wishes and needs of society, companies, customers and staff are met at the amusement park. Through responsible operations, Tivoli Sariola is promoting people’s well-being and sustainable development in society. We employ and train dozens of people each year, throughout the tour, and locally in our tour locations. Cleanliness, waste management, energy efficiency and noise management are part of our daily operations. Tivoli Sariola’s communication is open, transparent, understandable and fact-based. We donate to various charities every year and make pro bono partnerships.

The promise of a smile

What does “one smile” or “the promise of a smile” mean? It means genuine joy and happy moments together. Tivoli Sariola is here to entertain and to lift your day a little above the everyday gray. At the amusement park, this is reflected, for example, in words of encouragement to a coworker, a friendly attitude and a relaxed atmosphere. At Tivoli Sariola you can laugh and have fun, and we can also take a moment to reflect and feel good about ourselves right there and then. Fun also means that we can laugh at ourselves, many situations are overcome with humor. Tivoli Sariola is thriving when done passionately, but not too seriously.