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Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars

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With these cars there are no speed limits!

Here all people are able to try their driving skills. But the best thing about our Bumper Cars is that no driving license is required! You just have to be tall enough to reach the gas pedal. The younger drivers need to have an assistant to drive with them.

There are altogether 16 bumper cars ready for the funny race. Although no driving license is required, all drivers need to wear a safety belt! Even though no fines are given in Bumper Cars, remember to respect other drivers by driving decently and not disturbing their driving. Welcome to try our updated New York 2020 model bumper cars!


Details of the ride:

  • Weight: 38 000 kg
  • Space: 30 x 16 meters
  • Electric: 63A
  • Assembly: 8h / one day
  • Staff: 3-4 people
  • Capacity: 32 people
  • Height limit: 120 cm (under 120cm only with adult)

This ride is available for renting. Find out more about our renting service.

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