Quality, cleanliness and especially security are things that Tivoli Sariola will not risk. The weekly stacking and dismantling of equipment gives the skilled and trained staff the ability to thoroughly check the structures and maintain them when needed.


Trained staff take care of safety

Tivoli Sariola’s staff participates in training sessions dealing with safety issues and customer service. Additionally, the entire staff receives first-aid training and also fire-extinguishing training. Trained law enforcement officers take care of public safety at tivoli’s opening hours. Awareness of the safety and commitment to maintaining is a responsibility of every staff member. Preventing risks and ensuring safety are the primary tasks of the staff during the enjoyment of customers.


Safety inspection of driving equipment at Tivoli Sariola

• For each stacking and unloading, checking the structure of the equipment, the attachments, and other factors related to the safety of the device.

• Screening and examining papers happens every day before the opening of tivoli.

• Daily security screening includes testing of the test ride, structures, support structures and safety rails, as well as special attention to the equipment.

• The technical manager checks each ride for the compaction and demolition.

• Each ride is serviced during the winter and is repaired every three years. So-called floating devices, where movements are more complex and faster, require and get special monitoring.

• Each ride is serviced and inspected according to the manufacturer’s inspection and maintenance instructions.

• Each new ride always comes with the Euro-certificate quality and safety guarantee.


Cooperation for security

Tivoli Sariola, together with the Finnish Society of Tivolis and Circuses, has been working on developing a common and comprehensive quality control and safety guidance system in Finland, and at the same time committed to cooperating with the security authorities. Pay attention to the following when visiting tivoli.

• Pay attention to ride specific guides and restrictions.

• You can move inside the ride area only when the ride personnel allows.

• Make sure that your personal belongings can not break or fall off your pockets. Leave the bags and other bulk items at the place designated by the ride staff. Tivoli is not responsible for missing or broken items.

• Smoking, eating and drinking in rides is strictly forbidden.

• Always follow the instructions of the ride personnel.

Please note that the tivoli area is injected. Smoking is only allowed at a separate smoking place, indicated by signs.


Weather conditions

Since we work in the open air Tivoli Sariola needs to monitor weather conditions every day. Tivoli Sariola responds to changes in weather conditions with a view to public safety, and tivoli’s operations are modified and limited if necessary. Due to an approachable thunderstorm and heavy winds, some rides may need to be shut down as a precautionary measure. Tivoli may be forced to shut down completely during the storm. In such a situation, customers must strictly comply with tivoli’s staff instructions on emptying the tivoli area. Possible evacuation instructions are always announced from tivolis info ticketing point clearly and as early as possible before the weather conditions change.